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Applica is redefining intelligent automation for documents. Our unique deep learning approach allows for rapid comprehension of documents that were previously impossible for a machine to understand.

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Embrace possibilities, not empty promises

We understand your skepticism. Other automation providers say they can “solve all your problems,” but those promises are often unfulfilled, leaving your team frustrated and still struggling with laborious, manual processes. Additionally, it’s challenging to distinguish truly sophisticated technology from companies that make bold claims but don’t actually deliver. Applica's unique approach to text-intensive automation is externally validated and consistently produces unforeseen rates of precision and straight-through processing, allowing organizations to modernize even the most complex business tasks. Applica is doing what no one else can – let us show you how.

Business benefits

  • Fast document turnover time (<1 second per page) results in better customer experience

  • Comprehension of various document types (plain text, tables, forms) without templates

  • Quick deployment and low cost of ownership (run by business users, not AI/engineering resources)

  • Fewer errors allows more work to be done right the first time

  • Automation of multilingual business processes is essential in today’s global economy

  • Assures business continuity, as dependence on high volume manual processing has inherent risks

Unique technology


Thanks to advanced neural language modeling, non-experts can train Applica RTA using as little as 10% of examples required by other AI systems.

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Human-level precision

Applica RTA delivers precision equal to or better than that of humans in tasks such as document classification and extraction of information from unstructured and semi-structured text.

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Applica RTA learns from interactions with regular users. This advanced feature enables consistent and precise document classification and extraction of information over time.

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No code AI

Applica RTA is intuitively built with an easy to follow interface and purposely designed to be managed by typical business users. Staff at all levels can leverage the document processing power of Applica RTA and the organization does not need to employ expensive AI experts.

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AI-based text comprehension

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