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Applica Expands into the North American Market with New York Office

NEW YORK, Feb. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Applica, a Warsaw and London-based enterprise software company and a leading developer of an AI-based Robotic Text Automation platform, announced their recent expansion to the North American market with the opening of an office in New York City. 

Applica’s proprietary AI automates text-intensive work by interpreting meaning and making decisions based on unstructured and semi-structured documents, regardless of language or layout. Applica’s platform is often implemented together with robotic process automation (RPA) solutions that automate business processes. Applica is the only provider accelerating RPA’s evolution to better serve customers with diverse documents and data types. The company is a global technology partner of the three leading RPA platform vendors. 

“At Applica we believe in a future where humans are liberated from repeatable tasks that require scrutiny and comprehension of documents and moved to more satisfying, higher level work. With our recent expansion to New York, we are strengthening our presence in the North American market and look forward to helping those enterprise organizations streamline their text-intensive processes in a cost-effective way,” said Piotr Surma, CEO of Applica.

Applica also recently announced their Series A funding round, led by Barclays and Cogito Capital Partners. This new funding will accelerate Applica’s position as an innovator in the space and further build out their US business presence.  

Applica is a leading provider of AI-based Robotic Text Automation solutions for enterprises. Applica’s proprietary, brain-inspired Contextual Awareness technology interprets documents and makes human-like decisions regardless of data type, layout or language. It is rapidly trained to new use-cases by non-experts with a minimum of customer data and continually self-learns from interactions with end users. The platform is used by financial institutions, media companies, debt collection agencies, law firms, and public sector institutions to automate processes that require deep text comprehension. Applica consists of a world-class R&D team of deep learning experts, mathematicians, data scientists, linguists, and software engineers – with over half of them holding a PhD.

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