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Stop struggling with OCR template-based invoicing tools that only automate part of your data. In today’s business environment it’s imperative to manage overhead expenses and provide your employees with the tools to succeed, regardless of where they are working from.

Applica is unparalleled in document comprehension, particularly with the myriad of invoice types that organizations receive on a daily basis. While most invoice processing tools
only reach automation levels of 60-70%, the proprietary technology behind
Applica achieves over 95% automation
. Not only does this increase
organizational efficiencies, but it allows workers to manage more complex
tasks and provide additional value.

Invoice processing case study


A multinational organization processes 45 million invoices per year for their clients and their current automation solution is a template-based OCR software that achieves approximately 65% accuracy when it comes to data extraction. As unstructured information is consistently contained on invoices, humans must be involved to deal with the balance of cases before they can be put into the payment system – not allowing for full automation, optimal efficiency or lowest cost to process.


OCR template-based solutions have a lower level of accuracy and precision when it comes to extraction of the key values from frequently varying invoice types. They also aren't able to comprehend the unstructured data that may be essential in reconciling the invoice (e.g.: a legal clause, annotation, etc. added to the bottom of the page). OCR template-based solutions, even when applying ML and AI, can’t interpret text or make key decisions regarding validation, booking, and approval when applying semi-structured and unstructured data.


Applica is fully templateless allowing for the handling of any structure or format, including complex tables. Applica leverages proprietary 2D Contextual Awareness and layout aware Language Modeling (LAMBERT) to review invoices and make decisions similar to a human mind. No longer needing to adhere to the rigid structures or rules of template-based technology, Applica produces better results than software specifically designed for invoice processing.


By being able to process all data types, the level of precision on extraction increased from 65% to over 95%, this dramatic increase in precision on data allowed for straight-through processing and the highest levels of efficiency and automation ever attained. Therefore, the cost per invoice decreased significantly, as necessary human review went from every 4 in 10 documents to less than 5 in 100 documents.

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