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KYC (Know Your Customer) is a key step that financial services organizations must take in order to avoid doing business with those participating in fraudulent or criminal activity. With financial crimes resulting in large penalties from regulatory bodies, it’s crucial that organizations have the tools they need to precisely verify their client base. Applica is a no code solution that automates text-intensive work through revolutionary AI methods, comprehending both unstructured documents (plain text) and semi-structured documents (forms/tables). By interpreting meaning and streamlining decision making, Applica enables high-precision, straight-through processing for all types of KYC documents.

KYC case study


A multinational bank runs a KYC process that requires manual scrutiny of over 2,000 complex documents per month.


The manual process is expensive as is executed by qualified lawyers. It is also time consuming as each document takes 48 hours to process, and fallible as it relies on numerous external factors to work properly.


Applica was trained with an extremely small number of examples and achieved a 1:1 replacement of human lawyers.


Automation accuracy levels are 98% and the platform learned from the 2% of corner cases for future use. The document turnover time decreased from two days to just five minutes, greatly increasing the bank’s customer service level. Additionally, the bank is now able to onboard four times as many suppliers per day within their supply chain finance program, creating an immediate impact on their bottom line revenue.

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