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Other companies offer big promises – we actually deliver. Applica RTA is uniquely built, providing unmatched straight-through processing for all document types.

During this demo you will learn how Applica RTA:

  • Is a no code platform that automates text-intensive work with revolutionary AI methods
  • Automates business processes regardless of document type or layout – including documents that are unstructured, semi-structured or fully structured – all without the use of templates
  • Beats traditional one-dimensional methods with interpretation of documents by leveraging our proprietary 2D Contextual Awareness and LAMBERT technology
  • Trains bots to contextually understand and categorize your data to facilitate unparalleled rates of straight-through processing
  • Achieves decision making on par with human-level precision
  • Has a low cost of ownership and is easily run by users without a data science or AI background

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