Robotic Text Automation (RTA)

Applica RTA is unrivaled at interpreting documents and making necessary decisions with the highest levels of precision

The next step in the evolution of process automation

When organizations began employing automation to their workflows, they quickly realized that only structured data could be processed with RPA. And since 85% of enterprise data is unstructured text, this led companies to seek out other solutions – such as OCR/Intelligent OCR – but they can only automate very specific, narrow use cases. Therefore, we saw a unique opportunity to bridge this process gap with cognitive automation, combining RPA with Applica RTA.

Applica RTA allows organizations to switch from manual, time-intensive work to automated text comprehension and decision making, done within seconds.

Using a proprietary layout-aware Language Model (LAMBERT) and 2D Contextual Awareness, Applica RTA is the only technology solution that processes both plain text and semi-structured documents. We not only categorize – but also interpret your documents and make related decisions – based on content and context.

Intelligent OCR vs. RTA

Don’t tolerate OCR exceptions any longer. Take your process automation to the next level by combining your RPA with Applica RTA.

Intelligent OCR

Applica RTA

Limited technology

The latest technology

Merely recognizes letters and simple data, doesn’t comprehend or make decisions
Helps organizations make faster, more accurate decisions
Only copies snippets of text from forms and tables
Contextually extracts information and makes necessary decisions
Language dependent
Language and industry agnostic
Can’t interpret text
Comprehends documents regardless of format (plain text and tables/forms)
Relies on templates
Requires expert knowledge and continuous template updates
Deployment by business practitioners (no AI knowledge required) with minimal customer data
Heavy maintenance procedures involving expert engineering resources
System maintenance by self-learning from end users